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HIYOSHIYA Contemporary

Modernisation caused drastic change which turned wagasa into a traditional artifact and was no longer used in daily life other than traditional events and special events.

"Is it okay to just leave the wagasa as a special existence? I want to create something that is used in everyday life as it used to be." This is when we founded Hiyoshiya Contemporary collection. Tradition is not to be only preserved and herited, but a continuing innovation that changes changing its forms as time pass. This is what we really think continuation of tradition is about.

“HIYOSHIYA Contemporary” collection is what Hiyoshiya as a long-established store of Kyowagasa that continues for over 160 years present you the new style of “WAGASA”.

Wagasa started off as a innovative tool 1000 years ago. It then evolved through time, became a common and familiar tool in daily life, then became a traditional artifact. Such artifact that hasn’t changed for 1000 years are very rare. Infact, most products, food, culture, and life style have changed and evolved through time.

So, how does wagasa that evolves and adapts to the current time look like?
What did the technique, skills, tradition and history give to wagasa that can be used and be familiar in the current time?

A new shape of wagasa that can only be made by Hiyoshiya, a Kyowasa that is familiar to many customers as a standard item.

Hiyoshiya Contemporary thinks out side of the box, have freedom in our thoughts to create Bangasa that can be a product of the current time period. We will keep trying, dreaming of the day our new wagasa becomes another tradition.