Special Feature
Enjoy the scent - As the season change -
Color your life with Kyoto’s scent

As we spend more time at home, we may have paid closer attention to how seasons change. It is a new discovery that can only be made by being near the same scenery all the time.

The scent of the season. Have you ever felt them before?

Spring where you can feel the breath of flowers, summer when you feel the power of greenery and sunlight, autumn when you feel nostalgic and calm, and winter when you feel dignified and refreshing.

Seasonal incense that gently snuggles up from nowhere.

Would you like to enjoy the scent at home?

【 Charming KINOKOs】

The appearance is very charming with a cute mushroom shape. The name is “KINOKO きの香” where kinoko means mushroom.

When lighted and the lid is closed, the scent will stream from a little hole of mushroom-shaped kinoko.

It is perfect for the season that mushrooms taste best in. It will make your stay home time wonderful.

【- Kaza - Color your life with Kyoto’s scent】

Originally, there are many products with fragrances on sensu a handheld fan, and there is a culture of enjoying the scent that floats softly at the same time as cooling with a folding fan. Bamboo has excellent water absorption and water retention, so the scent remains for over a year by dropping one drop of fragrance on a thinly processed fan.

As you fan yourself, you can smell the delicate scent in the air. “Ee kaza dosuna” means it smells nice in the Kyoto dialect.

Enjoy the change of seasons.