A journey where a craftsman meets a craftsman
Nanjo Kobo / Nanjo Kazuya Kyoto Prefecture
Nanjo Kobo is a workshop that produces the "orin" that is always placed on Buddhist altars (standing bell). A special metal called "sahari" is poured into clay molds by hand. After the material has cooled and hardened, it is polished and burnished, one by one. According to Mr. Nanjo, there are only two or three workshops in Japan that can make "orin" using this technique, and he has inherited a rare traditional technique. The characteristics of Mr. Nanjo's bell is its clear sound. When you chime the bell, you can feel the beautiful reverberation of the constant tone that seems to echo far beyond the horizon.
As a student of the Japan Brand Produce School, which I run with a few other members, Mr.Nanjo collaborated with a designer and launched a new brand called "LinNe". LinNe is a bell product that utilizes the clear sound of sahari to bring pure sound to various life scenes such as meditation, yoga, and daily healing. Traditional "orin" tends to be associated with Buddhist altars no matter how beautiful the sound is, but "LinNe" is a product that brings healing to your evryday life with its sophisticated design and beautiful sound.
When I am tired, I listen to the clear sound of "LinNe" and feel refreshed. This is a product that can make you discover the fact that "beautiful sound" can bring a valuable time in your everyday life.