A journey where a craftsman meets a craftsman
Ohnishitsune Shoten Co. Ltd / Ohnishi Rie Kyoto Prefecture
Onishi Tsuneya Shoten is a long-established company that has been making Kyoto fans since the early Showa period.
We supported them since the "Atarashikimono Kyoto" project organized by the Kyoto Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
What was developed at that time was the "Room fragrance KAZA," which was a breakthrough in the long history of folding fans.
The bone of the fan is made of thinly shaved bamboo.
It is a novel product that emits fragrance from the surface of the fan by absorbing the aromatic oil in the Kiyomizu-yaki bowl that serves as the base.
The fan, which was once thought to be used only for cooling off on hot summer days, has evolved into an interior product that delivers a variety of aromatic scents to your room throughout the year.
They have challenged the interior market while preserving the tradition of Kyoto fans.
The project was partly supported by a crowdfunding campaign aiming to support the craftsmen of fan bones, which is especially important for fans.
Thanks to this crowdfunding they could successfully achieved their goal and launch this new product.

They choosed the name of "KAZA" from Kyoto dialect, which means fragrance. I use this product in my office, and I always feel the pure "Kaza" fragrance as I work, refreshing myself. It looks good, smells good, I highly recommended it.